Weighted Blankets

Here is our recommended range of weighted blankets. We recommend checking back on this page often as we are adding new products here regularly.

Weighted blankets have been found to help improve the quality of ones sleep as well as helping with conditions such as anxiety, autism, and ADHD (1).

A weighted blanket can help calm the nervous system through regulations proprioception, and in turn, reduce the feelings of anxiety and improve sleep.

To view the blankets, simply click the green button next to each item to see the product on official website.

Luxome blanket1

Luxome Weighted Blanket – Minky | Navy + Grey Dot

Luxome Weighted Blanket 6

Luxome Weighted Blanket – Bamboo + Minky | Lattice

Luxome blanket3

Luxome Weighted Blanket – Bamboo + Minky | Beige

Luxome blanket4

Luxome Weighted Blanket – Minky | Aqua + Grey

Luxome blanket5

Luxome Weighted Blanket – Minky | Navy + Grey

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