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Last Updated on August 5, 2022

Image of the Saatva 11.5 vs 14.5 mattresses

Many potential buyers want to know what separates a Saatva 11.5″ mattress from a 14.5″ mattress.

Aside from the height, these mattresses are very similar. The key difference is that there are two more turns in the lower coil unit on the 14.5″ mattress. Because of this, the mattress is 3″ higher.

Surprisingly, this difference doesn’t have an impact on the cost of the mattress or the way it feels. The mattresses offer the same level of durability, comfort, and support.

How can you decide which mattress is the best option? Ultimately, it depends on what you’re looking for.

You should opt for the Saatva 11.5 inch mattress if you:

  • Want to use an adjustable base with your mattress
  • Have standard sized bed sheets that you’re happy with. The 14.5″ mattress requires deep pocket bed sheets
  • Aren’t interested in a mattress with side handles
  • Would rather have a shorter mattress

You should opt for the Saatva 14.5 inch mattress if you:

  • Plan on using a box spring base or a platform with your mattress
  • Don’t want to use an adjustable base
  • Are planning on purchasing new sheets or already have deep pocket bedsheets
  • Would prefer a mattress that has side handles
  • Would prefer a mattress with more height

If you’d like to find out more about both options, you can find additional information below.

The Saatva 11.5 Inch Mattress

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This is a standard sized mattress that can easily be used along with an adjustable base. The mattress is flexible enough to adjust the base at either the head or the foot of the mattress.

Of course, this mattress isn’t just a good fit for adjustable bases. It can be used with other types of bases, such as a box spring or a platform, as well.

If you choose the Saatva 11.5″ mattress, you’ll be able to use it with standard sheets. If you’re already using a standard-sized mattress, you won’t need to purchase new sheets.

This mattress doesn’t include side handles, which means you’ll need to lift it from underneath if you want to move it. If you regularly turn your mattress, you’ll want to keep this in mind.

The Saatva 14.5 Inch Mattress

The Saatva 14.5″ mattress is an ideal choice if you’d like to use your mattress with a box spring or platform base. Because this mattress is so deep, it’s not flexible enough to use with an adjustable base.

The size of this mattress also means that it’s not compatible with standard-size sheets. Instead, it requires deep pocket bed sheets.

The mattress does have side handles that make it easier to shift the mattress. With that said, the handles aren’t capable of completely lifting the mattress. Instead, they make it easier to control the mattress as it is moved.

Saatva is already known as a luxury brand, but having a mattress with 14.5″ depth can make your mattress feel more luxurious.

Saatva 11.5 vs 14.5 – What Else to Consider When Choosing Your Mattress

There are other factors you should take into account when deciding between the Saatva 11.5″ and 14.5″ inch mattress, such as:

The Materials and Layer Construction

No matter which mattress you choose, you can trust that it will be constructed from the same high-quality materials. Furthermore, the layers will be constructed in the same way.

Both models offer the same breathable surface, a layer of memory foam, double coils, a layer for improved back support, and a cooling system. The key difference is in the size of the coils.

These mattresses are not rolled up in a box when they are shipped. Saatva makes premium-quality mattresses from the best available materials. Your mattress will be shipped directly to you and delivered directly to your bedroom.

Mattress Firmness

There are three firmness levels for both models. These levels are:

  • Plush Soft (Around 3 firmness)
  • Luxury Firm (Between 5 to 7 firmness)
  • Firm (Around 8 firmness)

Saatva offers a range of options for both models, which means buyers can select an option that is in line with their needs and preferences.


Bedding is something that you’ll want to factor in when you’re deciding on your mattress. Depending on the size you choose, you may not be able to use your current sheets on your new mattress.

The majority of standard-size sheets will fit an 11.5″ mattress. If you opt for a 14.5″ mattress, you won’t be able to use standard pocket sheets. Instead, you’ll have to purchase deep pocket sheets. This is an additional cost you’ll want to consider.

You don’t need to look for a particular sheet size when buying sheets for the 14.5″ mattress. You just need to search for deep pocket sheets. Saatva offers these sheets, but you can buy sheets from other brands as well. As long as you choose deep pocket sheets, they should fit your mattress.

Additional Benefits Offered By Saatva

  • 15-Year Warranty
  • 180-night trial
  • Free delivery and setup in your bedroom
  • Free removal of previous mattress and foundation on request

Saatva mattress next to a poolAre you looking for a long lasting, elegant, yet cost effective innerspring mattress? I would like to introduce you to Saatva Classic mattress if yes. Saatva classic mattress, likewise known as Saatva mattress, is a product of Saatva business, which was developed in 2010.

Sleeping on a good mattress is necessary since it will support your pressure points including your spine, back, hips, and shoulders. That stated, the objective of this article is to provide you a thorough Saatva mattress evaluation to assist you choose if it is perfect for your sleeping requirements. Please keep reading.

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Saatva Mattress Choose The Right Hight For You

Original Saatva mattress includes the coil-on-coil construction. It is constructed using 2 layers of coil, 2 layers of polyfoam, and a streamlined layer of memory foam. It has 3 firmness levels, which are plush soft, luxury firm, and firm.

With regard to height, Saatva has two alternatives of 11.5 inches (average density), and the 14.5 inches (high profile).

The mattress is perfect for combination sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and side sleepers. If you tend to get back discomfort, this mattress can ease or avoid your back pain due to its extra assistance.

The mattress can support body weights of between 130 lbs and 230 lbs. For that reason, it is perfect for light, average, and heavy weight sleepers. The price range is between $799 and $1999, which is rather pocket-friendly.

The Saatva logo

Saatva Mattress Characteristics and Benefits

Saatva mattress has several unique features and advantages, that include:

Improves Back Health and Pressure Relief

Saatva classic hybrid innerspring mattress has been developed using back-relieving technologies. It features the spinal zone active wire assistance and memory foam pressure-relief layer.

Sleeping on this mattress will reduce the pain if you tend to suffer from back or neck pain. It can likewise ease discomfort around your shoulders, hips, and joints.

Perfect Edge Assistance

Saatva mattress does not droop. It provides fantastic edge support, that makes the mattress comfy and comfortable. You will like the bounce, stability and support used by Saatva if you like to sleep or sit on the edge of the bed.

The mattress uses terrific assistance for co-sleepers and couples. You will be able to sleep comfortably on either side of the bed without sinking.

Motion Isolation

The very best mattress for couples or combination sleepers is one that does not transfer motion. This guarantees your partner does not awaken anytime you turn and toss, or hop in and out of bed. A mattress that separates motion is likewise ideal for pet fans.

Saatva mattress satisfies this criterion. In other words, the mattress does not transfer motion throughout the bed. That stated, if you are a couple or pet enthusiast, investing in Saatva mattress will guarantee you get a peaceful, undisturbed, good night’s sleep.

Suitable For Hot Sleepers

If yes, the best solution for you would be a Saatva mattress. The mattress is extremely breathable.

It will help you sleep comfortably throughout the night. The mattress is ideal for cold and hot weather conditions.

Hypoallergenic Properties

Saatva has been produced utilizing allergy-free materials. It does not consist of formaldehyde or other annoying services. It does not harbor allergen, mold, or allergens. That means you will not get allergic reaction flare-ups such as watery eyes or skin irritation.

Improves Sexual Efficiency

With a firmness scale of between 3 and 7, the Saatva mattress will certainly support and enhance your sex life. It has fantastic bounce, meaning your partner will not sink. You’ll be able to move easily.

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Low Expense

You can get a long lasting and budget-friendly Saatva mattress at a pocket-friendly and competitive price of simply $799.

Trial Duration

You will get a chance to sleep on it for 180 nights if you decide to purchase the Saatva classic mattress. Because it will help you make an educated decision on whether it will fulfill all your sleep and mattress requirements, this is crucial.

If you do not like the mattress, you can always return it before the 180 days lapse.


The mattress features a warranty of 15 years. If you utilize it with care, it can last for upto 10 to 15 years.

Mattress Construction and Layers

Saatva hybrid mattress has 5 layers. It includes a Euro pillow-top, edge assistance, a layer of individually covered coils, spinal zone technology, and a steel coil support.


The Euro pillow top features an organic cotton cover, that makes the top layer breathable and soft. It is tufted and quilted, indicating it has a soft and pillow-life feel.

Convenience Layers

The comfort layer features 3 layers, which are:

Perimeter Edge Assistance

This foam encasement avoids sagging on the edges of the bed. It likewise uses extra support throughout the mattress. It makes your mattress more long lasting.

Separately Wrapped Coils

This layer boosts Saatva’s responsiveness. The coils are developed to ensure the mattress contours to your body.

Spinal Zone Technology

This layer was developed to provide assistance to pressure points. The back technology uses additional assistance to the middle area of the mattress, therefore ensuring your back is well supported.

Assistance Layer

The bottom of the mattress includes 416 tempered steel and 13- determine support coils. This layer helps to reduce occurrences of sagging. It likewise promotes breathability. You can feel confident your mattress will last for long with proper use.

Saatva Mattress Firmness and Feel

It is offered in three firmness levels, that include the plush soft, luxury firm, and firm. Although the firmness is various, the quality and cost is the same.

The best selling Saatva Classic mattress is the luxury firm due to its capability to offer maximum assistance for all types of sleepers.

Below is the firmness scale:

The plush soft will not only contour to your body while you enjoy your deep sleep, but also offer you with a soft and cushion-like feel. The plush soft mattress will use your joints fantastic assistance if you like sleeping on your side. It is likewise perfect for lightweight individuals.

Luxury Firm

The luxury firm option is perfect for people who like a mattress with terrific assistance and versatility. It is perfect for couples, back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers.


You will like the firm mattress variation if you tend to experience back issues. The mattress is perfect for spine positioning, and back pain relief. It is perfect for stomach and back sleepers.

If you weigh over 230lbs, you can never ever go wrong with this mattress. It offers maximum firmness, that makes it perfect for heavy or plus-size individuals. You will not sink in.

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Suggested Physique

Saatva classic mattress is perfect for individuals of various body sizes and weights as you will see listed below:

Advised Sleeping Position

Saatva is perfect for all types of sleepers including back sleepers, as you can see below.

Back Sleepers

The mattress uses terrific relief for pressure points. It will align your spinal column due to the back assistance technology.

Stomach Sleepers

The firm mattress offers additional assistance to your hips and spine. It will keep your hips aligned to your shoulders.

Side Sleepers

You will get appropriate pressure relief on your shoulders and hips. As a side sleeper, you will enjoy the plush soft mattress.

Combo Sleepers

Couples and combination sleepers need a mattress with great bounce and motion isolation. Saatva provides all that. You will have the ability to alter positions or move in and out of bed without interrupting your partner’s sleep.

It also has terrific edge support significance you can sleep on the edges easily. You do not have to squeeze at the center of the bed.

Off Gassing

Buying an organic mattress tends to lower off gassing occurrences. Off gassing happens when volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and upholstery products leak into the air.

Unlike a lot of online mattresses, Saatva mattresses are made using foams that have low volatile organic compounds. The foams do not include hazardous chemicals.

During shipping, your Saatva mattress will not be rolled up in a box. Consequently, off gassing will happen prior to you receive the mattress.

Saatva long banner

Saatva Sizes and Pricing

The chart listed below contains the various sizes and costs of the plush soft, luxury firm, and firm mattresses.

Mattress Type Measurements Height Price:

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Final Thoughts

I believe this Saatva mattress review will help you make an informed choice on whether the mattress is perfect for your sleeping design and requirements. Simply to evaluate what we have actually covered, Saatva classic mattress is perfect for combo, back, side, and stomach sleepers.

It offers 3 firmness levels, which implies that there is a mattress for everyone regardless of your body weight. The offered choices include the plush soft (soft), luxury firm (medium), and firm (firm).

I hope this article helped you to understand the differences between the Saatva 11.5 vs 14.5 mattresses, so you can clearly know which one is best for you.

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