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a puffy mattress on a bed in a hotel roomChoosing the best mattress for you can be tricky, especially if you also need to consider the sleep requirements of a partner.

Fortunately, there are lots of high-quality mattress brands on the market to choose form, all with their unique benefits and advantages.

One of your primary considerations should be to consider you favoured sleep position and well as your weight. This is because mattresses are often designed to carter for a person based on these two important factors.

Besides this, you should also consider how effective the mattress is at remaining cool throughout the night as well as the level of support it will offer your body.

Here in this article we will be taking a close look at two highly popular mattress brands and comparing the Puffy mattress vs Zoma mattress

Both brands produce exceptionally high-quality mattresses and are recommended by use here at QomfortSleep. However, if you’re trying to decide which of the two is best for your personal needs, then here in this article we provide the info you need to help you make a good decision.

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Puffy Mattress Vs Zoma Mattress

Puffy and Zoma are two high-quality mattress brands that offer exceptional sleep comfort. While Puffy is known for its advanced cooling technologies and remarkable levels of support across the whole body, Zoma, on the other hand, carters towards athletes and busy people to help them recover throw active days.

Mattress Firmness

Both Puffy and Zoma aim to provide a general overall firmness level to cater to the majority of sleepers.

On the firmness scale, Puffy is between a 6 and 8, which is medium-firm. Zoma, on the other hand, scores as a steady medium on the firmness scale.

If you’re trying to decide between these two mattresses and a good level firmness without being too hard is a must for you, then you may want to choose Puffy.

Puffy Recommended For

If you are below 130 lbs then you’ll likely find Puffy a great fit. The combination of a medium-firm mattress and the extra-soft surface layer provides exceptional comfort for lighter folks.

if you’re a side-sleeper below 230 lbs then you will likely also find Puffy a good mattress for you.

When it comes to heavier sleepers, on the other hand, they may find that their extra weight compresses the foam too much, which can cause the mattress to feel too soft.

Puffy is also known for its excellent level of pressure relief throughout the whole body, regardless of sleeper type.

Zoma Recommended For

Zoma mattresses are built with athletes and busy people in mind. They use zoned construction with an advanced cooling cover with the aim to facilitate recovery after exercise or an active day.

They are great for both back and side sleepers weighing less than 230 lbs. They’re not so great, however, for stomach sleepers or folks heavier than 230 lbs. In this instance, the mattress can feel too soft.

Mattress Structure

Both the Puffy and Zoma mattresses have advanced construction layers to provide an exceptional quality of sleep.

Puffy Mattress Construction

In February 2019, Puffy released its new and improved design and advanced layering. This now includes:

  • 2 inch Cooling Cloud™ Foam layer
  • 2 inch ClimateComfort™ Foam layer
  • 6 inch Firm Core Support Foam

This combination makes Puffy mattresses extremely comfortable with exceptional support throughout the body. You also get the additional benefit of advanced climate control as the Puffy mattress will help you to stay cool throughout the night.

Zoma Mattress Construction

Zoma is designed for athletes and those people with demanding, high-paced lifestyles. The aim of a Zoma mattress is to facilitate recovery and rejuvenation.

Similar to Puffy, Zoma also uses a three layer build, but with a different focus. The Zoma layers include:

  • The Triangulex™ zoned layer of memory foam
  • Reactiv™ responsive layer of foam
  • The Supprrt+ foam later at the base

Mattress Comfort

Puffy Comfort info

Puffy mattresses are known for their exceptional levels of comfort, high levels of support and pressure relief, and advanced cooling technology.

The unique Cooling Cloud™ Comfort layer found in Puffy mattresses helps to disperse away the heat from your body and allows for more efficient airflow in the bed.

Puffy also uses Gel Infused Foam to enhance airflow by as mush as 8 times that of a standard mattress, which is pretty impressive.

The Core Support foam provides high levels of support across your body’s surface and helps to relieve pressure from heavier areas of your body.

Zoma Comfort Info

Zoma mattresses are designed to keep your body elevated to help support the structure of your body while you sleep. This is achieved by the Reactiv™ layer that is constructed with a good level of bounce that reacts to the pressure of your body.

The Reactive™ later also helps to to prevent motion across the mattresses. This means that you or your partner can toss and turn as much as you like without disturbing the other while you sleep.

If you sleep with a fidgety partner who keeps you awake at night then you may want to seriously consider investing in a Zoma mattress.

Fabric Info

The Puffy mattress has an easy to remove zipped cover. This allows you to be able to wash the Puffy mattress cover easily.

While Zoma mattresses don’t have a detachable cover, they are wrapped in a breathable fabric that absorbs and leads away moisture.

Trial Period

Both the Puffy and Zoma offer a generous trial period, which are more or less the same at the time of writing this article.

With Puffy, you get 101 nights to try your mattress in order to make sure you are completely satisfied. Similarly, with a Zoma mattress you get 100 days to test it out.


Again, Puffy wins on warranty with an incredible lifetime, yes, lifetime guarantee! If there’s anything wrong with your Puffy mattress at any time you own it then you can send it back to Puffy for a replacement.

While Zoma do not offer a lifetime warranty, you do get a very generous 10 year guarantee if you choose to go with this brand. Considering most people change their mattress around the 8-10 year period, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue, in our opinion.

Final Thoughts

Both Puffy and Zoma mattresses are great products for people under 230 lbs. If you’re a back or a side sleeper then you’ll likely do well with either brand. If you have a tendency to sleep on your stomach then you may want to choose Puffy over Zoma.

if you have a particularly active lifestyle or frequent sleep disturbance from a partner is an issue for you then Zoma may be the better choice in this case.

If overheating is an issue for you or if you’re looking for an award-winning mattress with advanced pressure-relief technology then Puffy may be the better choice.

Choosing between these two brands can be tough. Hopefully our Puffy mattress vs Zoma mattress article helped you out!

Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

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