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Last Updated on July 6, 2021

a Haven mattress being reviewed

Is it time for you to buy a new mattress? Would you like to get a 5-star hotel sleep experience every night from the comfort of your own home?

Or maybe you’d like to sleep on America’s thickest luxury mattress at a pocket-friendly price? If you decide to buy a Haven mattress then you can experience all this, and more.

Haven mattress is a plant-based memory foam manufacturer located in the USA. Haven is a sister company of Idle Sleep, and the latest addition to the Idle Group.

Although Haven mattress has not been on the market for long, Idle Sleep has been making high quality mattresses for several years now. So, you can rest assured that the Haven Mattresses have been made with your comfort and satisfaction in mind.

In this Haven Mattress Review, we are going to give you an insiders peek into the luxurious features of Haven’s two mattresses; the Haven Premier, and the Haven Boutique Mattress.

The Haven Mattress In Review

As I previously mentioned, the Haven company offers two types of mattress to choose from. While both are considered luxury mattresses, each have their own unique features.

Considering these are luxury mattresses, surprisingly, the price tag for each mattress is very affordable.

So, what makes Haven mattresses so special?

The mattresses have been manufactured using gel infused foams, which go a long way to ensure your body temperature stays regulated and comfortable during hot and cold seasons.

The Haven Premier and Haven Boutique mattresses have a 450 and 500 GSM+ quilted top layer respectively. This layer provides incredible comfort and are the thickest on the market.

Haven mattresses can be used with a slated, platform, adjustable, or even boxspring base. Below are the features of each mattress.

a couple unboxing a Haven mattress

Haven Premier Mattress Features and Benefits

Let’s start off with Haven’s lower priced mattress, the Haven Premier.

Haven Premier Mattress features

  • Material: Gel Foam
  • Thickness: 12 inch
  • Sizes available: Twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, california king
  • Ideal For: Back sleepers and people who like a little more firmness
  • Firmness: Medium-firm
  • Compatibility: Foundation, platform, slated, adjustable, box spring frames and bases
  • Trial: 18 Months (548 nights)
  • Warranty: Forever- unlimited

Lets take a deeper look at the different features of Haven Premier Mattress:

Mattress Construction

The Haven Premier mattress is 12 inches thick, and is comprised of 5 layers.

These 5 layers include a cotton fire barrier, the 3-inch cooling bouyancy foam, the 2-inch transition foam, the 7-inch support foam, and the durable base cover.

The materials that have been used to manufacture the 5 layers are a combination of gel-infused foams. The layers will offer you adequate support, and help you sleep cool and comfortable until morning.

The Haven Premier mattress has a 450 GSM quilted cover, which will keep you warm during cold weather, and cool during the hotter months.

Mattress Firmness and Feel

On the firmness scale, the Premier is a medium-firm mattress at 5.5-7, which is suitable for most people. The thick top layer provides exceptional comfort with additional relief on your pressure points, while the deeper layers of the mattress provide the supportive structure that your body needs.

The haven Premier mattress firmness

Recommended Sleeping Positions

If you love to sleep on your back, you will certainly enjoy the support and comfort of the Haven Premier mattress.

The Haven Premier is also good for people looking for extra firmness and motion isolation, which means you will not notice your partners movements as they move around. If you have a fidgety partner then this feature alone will considerably improve the quality of your sleep.

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Recommended Mattress Base

The Haven Premier mattress features durable and high quality foam, which means that you can use it with any adjustable base of your choice. You may also wan to see our Saatva vs Haven Premier mattress comparison for a similar example..

The mattress is also compatible with boxspring, platform, slats, and foundation base.

Haven Premier Available Sizes and Price

Haven Premier Mattress Size Price
Twin 39in x 75in $649
Twin XL 39in x 80in $699
Full 54in x 75in $849
Queen 60in x 80in $949
King 76in x 80in $1149
California King 72in x 84in $1149

Haven Boutique Mattress Features and Benefits

  • Material: Gel Foam
  • Thickness: 14 inch
  • Sizes available: Twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, california king
  • Firmness: Medium-firm
  • Good for : Back, stomach, and side sleepers who like a softer feel
  • Compatibility: Platform, slated, adjustable, box spring frames and bases
  • Trial: 18 Months (548 nights)
  • Warranty: Forever- unlimited

Lets take a deeper look at the different features of Haven Boutique Mattress:

Mattress Construction

One thing that makes the Haven Boutique mattress stand out above all the rest is that it is an impressive 14-inches thick, which makes it one of the thickest luxury mattress on the market.

The mattress features 4 luxurious foam layers, which include the 1-inch cooling buoyancy foam, the 3-inch gel infused buoyancy foam, the 3-inch haven memory foam, as well as the 7-inch high density base foam.

The 500 GSM quilted top cover is much softer and more breathable than that of the Haven Premier mattress.

The buoyancy and gel infused foams will keep you cooler during warm weather, and warm during the cold season. Unlike traditional foam, the Haven memory foam found in the Boutique mattress does not trap too much heat.

With regard to support, the thick materials used on the Haven Boutique mattress is similar to that found in high-end hotel mattresses. That said, if you’ve slept on a mattress in one of the many high-end hotels, you can guess that the support will be pretty much perfect.

The mattress has been made using 100% cotton, which means that it does not contain materials that might be harmful to your health.

The base cover is washable, which means that you will never need to sleep on a dirty mattress.

Mattress Firmness and Feel

The Haven Boutique mattress has a soft feel as compared to the Haven Premier mattress. It has a firmness rating of 5.5-7 out of 10. However, it is strong enough to support petite, medium and heavy sleepers.

The haven Boutique mattress firmness

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Recommended Sleeping Positions

Haven Boutique mattress is suitable for back, stomach and side sleepers, particularly those who love to sleep on a soft mattress.

Recommended Mattress Base

Haven Boutique mattress features durable and high quality foam, which means that you can use it with an adjustable base of your choice. The mattress is also compatible with a boxspring, platform, slats, and foundation base.

Haven Boutique Available Sizes and Price

Haven Boutique Mattress Size Price
Twin 39in x 75in $899
Twin XL 39in x 80in $899
Full 54in x 75in $1199
Queen 60in x 80in $1299
King 76in x 80in $1599
California King 72in x 84in $1599

Haven Mattress FAQ’s

Haven Mattress Sleep Trial and Guarantee

Unlike the 100-day trial offered by most bed-in-a-box companies, the Haven company will allow you to test the mattress for a period of 548 nights, which is a period of 18 months. If you don’t like it, you can return it and get a refund completely risk-free.

Haven Mattress Warranty

The Haven mattress company offers a lifetime warranty. How cool is that.?This means you will be covered for any wear and tear for as long as you have the mattress.

Haven Mattress Return Policy

If, for whatever reason, you want to return your mattress then you will first be required to sleep on the mattress for at least a month before returning it.

Haven sets this minimum duration policy because this is the time it will take the average person to get used to a new mattress. If you experience any problems within the first month, then Haven’s customers service team are just a phone call away to help you out.

a couple laying on top of a Haven mattress

Final Thoughts

The Haven Premier Mattress and Haven Boutique Mattress are ideal for people who are looking for a high-quality mattress with extra firmness and support, but with a softer top layer for additional comfort.

Sleeping on the Haven Premier Mattress will help to reduce pressure pain around your key contact points and keep your spine aligned throughout the night. On the other hand, you may prefer the Haven Boutique Mattress, if you want to spend the extra money for a thicker, more luxurious mattress with a softer top layer.

It is important to note that buying the Haven Premier mattress is recommended for back sleepers, while the Haven Boutique is suitable for back, stomach, side, and even combo sleepers. This is another reason why you would pay a little extra to upgrade to the Boutique mattress.

One thing we particularly like is that both mattresses have been made using 100% cotton. This means that you will not suffer unnecessary health issues due to harmful materials that are often used in many other mattress brands.

Additionally, both mattresses will offer adequate support for most folks regardless of their bodyweight, thus ensuring that you sleep comfortably throughout the night. However, if you regard yourself to me on the upper end of heavy, then it is recommended to contact Haven support first to check the mattresses will accommodate your weight. You can contact Haven support here to find out.

If you’d like to check out the Haven Premier and Haven Boutique Mattresses you can find the current best prices including discount offers via the button below.

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