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It BEGINS With Qomfort Mattress

Most millennials are into home building, it’s about getting the perfect furniture, the perfect color combination, the perfect size of the drawers, the height of the shelves, the right saturation of the lightings and even the right texture of the indoor carpet. Investing in all four corners of the room is a good way to start preparing for your adult life, but most often than not Millennials, tend to downplay the role of bed and sleep. Investing in a high quality mattress goes a long way. With the hectic lifestyle offered by current times, it is a no surprise that the average hour of sleep is 6 hours, which is 2 hours less than the recommended 8. In fact, advocates of sleep have been advocating for no less and no more than 8 hours. Here at Qomfort, we don’t advocate how much sleep you need, but rather we advocate that you need good quality sleep. The number of recommended hours of sleep, you ask? That’s your choice.



There are studies out there stating that if people get a good quality sleep, this will improve their work performance for the day. While this sounds like a walk in the park, sadly only a small portion of the population can afford such luxury. The underlying reason is because of poor investment choices in their mattress. What most people do in terms of getting a mattress would be price discrimination, it’s all about if the price is right. While in the short term there is a sense of good investment measure by getting the most affordable “<insert size>” mattress in comparison to splashing all your hard earned money to a mattress that cost thousands of dollars, this is indeed a praise worthy investment. Unfortunately, mattresses out there that are selling at low prices do not offer the same level of quality as compared to the mattresses that cost thousands of dollars. Where quality of bed is affected, sleep quality is affected.


And ENDS With Qomfort Mattress

So now you ask, what can I do if I only have X-amount of money and all I can afford is X-Bed. Well the good news is, all Qomfort Mattress has been equipped with our very own proprietary technology that is different from our competitors. We offer a quality and yet affordable mattress that is worthy of comparison with mattresses in the top-tier range. Our Qomfort Mattress is the best value among our competitors. We want you to start your day with Qomfort Mattress and end your day with Qomfort Mattress. Sleep better, work better. With a 100-days return policy, making the right investment starts with Qomfort.

The Pros of Owning Qomfort

There are many cons of sleeping on a poor quality mattress, with cons outweighing the pros in terms of owning a poor quality mattress, there is no better reward than buying yourself a superb quality Qomfort Mattress. The benefits of owning Qomfort Mattress are countless! The table below highlight the key important benefits that you should know!

7 Key Benefits You Should Know !

1. Better Health
2. Aids You In Making An Impact For The Day
3. Relaxes Muscles After A Long Tiring Day
4. Avoid Looking Tired Among Peers
5. Increase Work Performance
6. Quality Sleep, Not Quantity
7. Reduce Stress; Increase Drive
All only happen with our Qomfort Mattress. Do not hesitate to visit www.qomfortsleep.com to learn more.