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Last Updated on February 11, 2021

Are you  searching for a  comfortable  bed mattress with  sophisticated support, pressure relief, and cooling capabilities at a pocket-friendly  rate? Best Helix Mattress For Back Pain

In this  post, we review the popular Helix mattress and  offer our  decision on the brand.

There‘s  a lot of choice with Helix with 7 mattress  designs to  pick from (and  likewise one model  specifically  developed for kids).  Knowing which  bed mattress is  best for you can be a bit more  difficult. 

Don’t  fret, we‘ve got you covered! In this  post, I‘ll break down the  distinctions  along with the  benefits and drawbacks of each Helix mattress model so you can  plainly see which one is right for you.

Let‘s get to it!


Helix Mattress Discount Codes

In this article

Helix mattress frequently run offers on some of their mattress models. However, these deals do not usually last for long.

You can see all the latest Helix mattress discount codes, deals and special offers on the Helix official website here.

Helix Mattresses  What Type of Mattresses Do They Offer Best Helix Mattress For Back Pain

Helix Sleep  has actually  quick become one of the most popular  brand names on the internet. Established in 2015, Helix is not  just one of the most popular brands around,  however it has  likewise been recommended by  various  physicians  operating in the field of  psychology, sleep, and neurobiology .

Helix have an impressive range of 7 different hybrid  bed mattress  designs. Each model  likewise has a  basic and a  high-end (Luxe)  variation so, in  truth, you  might argue that Helix  in fact has 14  various  kinds of mattress.

 Unique thought  has actually gone into the creation of each  bed mattress,  guaranteeing that they have something to offer  everybody across their  bed mattress  variety.

Helix mattress also have a  design that has been specially  developed for  large size  individuals  the Helix Plus (see below). The Helix Plus is our number one rated mattress for larger framed  individuals.

What Are Helix Mattresses Made Of?

While the different Helix  bed mattress  designs have some variance in the layers that make up each  bed mattress model, they all follow a  comparable  style  hybrid  utilizing memory foam with  separately  covered steel coils.

This combination brings about a  ideal balance of  comfort,  resilience and  assistance .

 Just How Much Do Mattresses Cost

 Because there are 7 Helix mattress models to  pick from (8 if you  consist of the Helix Kids mattress), the price is  various for each Helix mattress  design.

 However, the Helix mattress  rate  varieties from $699 to $1,299. 

 Listed below, I break down each of the 8 Helix  bed mattress models and list the pricing for each  design. Please see below.

Helix Sunset Mattress

Helix Sunset mattress

The Helix Sunset is a  fantastic mattress for both solo sleepers and couples who sleep on their sides, and  choose a softer  bed mattress.

At 12 inches tall, the Helix Sunset is a hybrid mattress  consisting of 5 layers. With this  bed mattress you  gain from the Dynamic Foam layer, which contours and cradles your body as your sleep. You are then supported by hundreds of steel coils, each  separately wrapped in a reinforced shell to  restrict  movement transfer.

When you buy the Helix Sunset  bed mattress,  pick from either the Soft Touch cover (extra breathable), or the GlacioTex Cooling Cover.

Sleeping Position

Best for those who sleep on their sides.

 Bed mattress Firmness

The Helix Sunset and Sunset Lux are both  classified as a soft  bed mattress.

Sunset Mattress Cost


The Helix Sunset Luxe Model

Sunset Luxe

The Helix Sunset Luxe  design is  really similar to the  previous,  other than with  extra  assistance. At 2 inches taller than the  basic Sunset mattress, the Sunset Luxe mattress has an additional layer of high grade polyfoam. This layer has been  specifically  developed to  offer you ergonomic support.

Sunset Mattress Luxe Cost


Helix Moonlight Mattress

Helix Moonlight

Helix Moonlight is a hybrid  bed mattress combining pressure  alleviating foam  separately wrapped  taken steel coils. The steel coil  system is cradled in a  strengthened unit to limit  movement transfer.  Perfect if you sleep with a partner who tosses and turns all night long! 

When you  purchase the Helix Moonlight mattress, choose from either a Soft Touch breathable cover, or you can pay a little  additional and upgrade to the advanced GalacioTex Cooling Cover.

Sleeping Position

The Helix Moonlight mattress is  best for those who sleep on their back or stomach.

Mattress Firmness

The Helix Moonlight and Moonlight Luxe are both soft mattresses with  sophisticated body contouring.

Moonlight Cost


The Helix Moonlight Luxe Model

Moonlight Luxe mattress

Upgrade to the Helix Moonlight Luxe for a more  glamorous sleep.

At 2 inches thicker than the standard Helix Moonlight, the Moonlight Luxe has an  additional layer of high grade polyfoam, which  assists to  offer you with ergonomic  assistance. The Luxe  design also  gains from a lot more steel coils, which  even more  assist to  decrease motion transfer.

Moonlight Luxe Cost


Helix Twilight Mattress

Helix Twilight mattress

The Helix Twilight is a  excellent  bed mattress for both solo sleepers and couples who sleep on their sides, and  choose a firm  bed mattress.

The 5 layers of the 12 inch Twilight  bed mattress  make up a Memory Plus Foam layer for  included pressure relieving  abilities atop a layer of hundreds of steel coils each individually  covered. The steel coils are  nestled within a  enhanced shell for extra motion transfer  restriction.

This mattress  likewise  includes an additional layer of high grade polyfoam for  additional cushioning and advanced ergonomic support.

Sleeping Position

This mattress is  fantastic for side sleepers.

Mattress Firmness

Both the Twilight and Twilight Luxe are  classified as firm  bed mattress.

Twilight Mattress Cost


The Helix Twilight Luxe Model

Twilight Luxe image

The Helix Twilight Luxe mattress  resembles the  basic Twilight,  other than it is 2 inches taller, and has an  additional layer of Gel Visco, which is specially made to  offer extra cushioning and support for your body.

With the Twilight Luxe model you also get a considerable upgrade to the steel coil layer. Instead of hundreds of steel coils, the Twilight Luxe has thousands,  that makes this mattress  additional  durable, and  practically  absolutely no  movement transfer.

When you  purchase the Twilight Luxe mattress,  pick  type either the TENCEL fabric breathable cover, or the GlacioTex Cooling Cover.

Twilight Luxe Cost


Helix Midnight Mattress

Helix Midnight mattress

The Midnight  bed mattress is the most popular  design in the Helix  bed mattress  variety. This mattress is  fantastic for solo sleepers and couples who sleep on their sides, and prefer the feel of a medium firm mattress.

This 12 inch  high mattress comprises of 5 layers. It is  comprised of Memory Plus Foam for  sophisticated pressure relief, coupled with an  separately  covered steel coil layer. This layer has  numerous steel coils encased in a reinforced shell for reduced  movement transfer.

With the Helix Midnight  bed mattress you also  take advantage of the DuraDense Foam base. This layer  offers  additional  toughness and support.

Sleeping Position

This  bed mattress is best for side sleepers.

Mattress Firmness

This  bed mattress is  ranked as Medium on the firmness scale.

Helix Midnight Mattress Cost


The Helix Midnight Luxe Model

Midnight Luxe

 Updating to the 14 inch  high Midnight Luxe mattress model will  improve your sleep experience the added Gel Visco cushioned layer for additional  assistance.

With the Midnight Luxe  design you also get a  significant upgrade to the steel coil layer.  Rather of  numerous steel coils, the Midnight Luxe has thousands,  that makes this mattress  additional  durable, and almost  absolutely no motion transfer.

Helix Midnight Luxe Cost


Helix Dusk Mattress

Helix Dusk

The Helix Dusk  bed mattress is perfect for both couples and  likewise individuals who like to sleep on their back or stomach, and who prefer a medium feel  bed mattress.

This 12 inch  high mattress comprises of 5 layers. Coupling Memory Plus Foam with a steel coil layer, this  bed mattress  supplies a  fantastic balance of comfort and  assistance.

 Which comes  type the DuraDense base layer when you  purchase the Helix Dusk mattress you also benefit from  extra support and  sturdiness.

Sleeping Position

This  bed mattress is  best for those who like to sleep on wither their back or stomach, or both.

Mattress Firmness

This  bed mattress is  ranked as Medium on the firmness scale.

Helix Dusk Mattess Cost


The Helix Dusk Luxe Model

Helix Dusk Luxe mattress

 Updating to the Helix Dusk Luxe model will  get you an  additional 2 inches in height of your  bed mattress,  in addition to an extra layer of High Grade polyfoam for  additional cushioning and ergonomic support.

With the Dusk Luxe model you  likewise get a  significant upgrade to the steel coil layer. Instead of  numerous steel coils, the Dusk Luxe has thousands,  that makes this mattress extra  strong, and  practically  absolutely no  movement transfer.

Helix Dusk Luxe Cost


Helix Dawn Mattress

Helix Dawn mattress

If you and your partner sleep on your stomach or back, and you prefer the feel of a firm mattress, then the Helix Dawn can be a  excellent  suitable for you.

With a height of 12 inches, this  bed mattress combines the Helix Dynamic Foam and the High Grade Polyfoam atop a layer of steel coils.

These  additional foam layers  cause  included comfort, ergonomic cushioning and a cradle-like feeling as you sleep.

Each of the steel coils are  separately  covered and  enclosed in a reinforced shell for  higher  movement transfer  constraint.

Not only this, but the Helix Dawn also  features the DuraDense Foam base layer,  causing a greater degree of  sturdiness and support.

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Sleeping Position

Excellent or those who sleep on their stomachs or on their backs.

 Bed mattress Firmness

The Helix Dawn and Helix Dawn Luxe are both  ranked as a  company mattress.

Helix Dawn Cost


The Helix Dawn Luxe Model

Helix Dawn Luxe

 You will  get an  additional 2 inches in the height of your mattress if you choose to  update to the Helix Dawn Luxe  design.  This is because you will  get an extra layer of Gel Visco cushioning, which will further support your body as you sleep.

With the Dawn Luxe model you  likewise get a considerable upgrade to the steel coil layer. Instead of hundreds of steel coils, the Dawn Luxe has thousands,  that makes this mattress extra sturdy, and  practically  absolutely no  movement transfer.

 This, all other features of the Helix Dawn and Dawn Luxe are exactly the  very same. 

Helix Dawn Luxe Cost


Helix Plus Mattress

Helix Plus mattress

The Helix Plus  bed mattress model is for individuals who consider themselves to be plus size and,  for that reason,  require a mattress with extra  assistance and  toughness.  In  reality, this it our  primary  suggested mattress for  bigger framed people. 

This  bed mattress is  fantastic for all plus size  individuals, regardless of the position you  select to  oversleep.

With the Helix Plus  bed mattress you get a 13 inch tall mattress  comprised of 6  durable layers.

For the  leading layer,  pick from either the TENCEL fabric, which is  understood to be  incredibly breathable, or you can upgrade to the GlacioTex Cooling Cover.

Beneath this layer you will  discover an Ultra Dense Memory Foam layer. This layer in in place to  produce  higher relief to your pressure points.

 You will find a dynamic foam layer for specialised body contouring. 

The next layer down is another memory foam layer, but this time an  additional firm foam is used for advanced cushioning and ergonomic  assistance.

All this on top of hundreds of steel coils, all  separately wrapped and  equally spaced within a reinforced shell. This layer will  guarantee you feel  completely held and cradled as you sleep.

The bottom-most layer is the DuraDense Foam base. This layer  supplies  more  assistance, stability and  sturdiness of your mattress.

Sleeping Position

 Outstanding for all sleeping positions.

 Bed mattress Firmness

This  bed mattress is rated as medium-firm,  however more towards  completion of firm.

Helix Plus Cost


Helix Mattress Alternatives

While Helix certainly do make  fantastic  bed mattress, they may not be right for everyone.

 Here are the  finest Helix  bed mattress alternatives:. 

Saatva Classic Mattress

 The Saatva Classic  bed mattress is a  excellent  option if you‘re  trying to find something that is   inexpensive and  long lasting .  It is  readily available in two different heights (11.5 and 14.5 inch), so you can  quickly  purchase the perfect size for your  requirements.

It is constructed  utilizing high quality materials, and includes a 10 year  service warranty. The Saatva Classic  bed mattress  utilizes a combination of memory foam and latex foam.

This means that it is both  supportive and comfortable , while  having the ability to  adjust to your  specific shape and posture.

See Saatva Classic at the Saatva official website here.

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress

 If you  desire a hybrid  bed mattress that  provides  convenience and support, then the Puffy Lux Hybrid  bed mattress is a great alternative to Helix. 

This mattress is designed to provide  exceptional  assistance and comfort, without compromising on any aspect of its  building and construction.

It is a 12 inch thick mattress,  consisted of 6 layers,  utilizing a combination of memory foam and contour-adapt coils.

The Puffy Lux Hybrid  bed mattress uses a  mix of polyfoam and gel foam, making it  comfortable and  extremely soft .

See Puffy Lux  bed mattress at the Puffy official website here.

Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid Mattress

 The Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid  bed mattress is another  terrific  choice if you‘re after a hybrid  bed mattress with a  great deal of  functions. 

This mattress is  built using a  mix of 3 different foams; 2nd Skin, Contour Adaptive Coils and Polyfoam.

This makes it extremely versatile,  permitting you to adjust the level of support and comfort according to your needs.

See the AS3 Hybrid at the Amerisleep official website here.

Helix FAQs

Here are the most  frequently asked questions about Helix mattresses:

Where Can I Buy a Helix Mattress?

You can  purchase any Helix  bed mattress from the Helix  authorities website here.

Can I Try Helix Mattress?

Yes. Helix mattress offer a generous 100 night sleep trial, risk  complimentary.  Just let them know within the 100 day period and they‘ll  select it up and  provide you with a refund if you don’t like your  bed mattress for any reason. 

Helix Mattress Warranty

Helix mattresses  feature a 10-year  minimal warranty. They cover physical  defects and  problems, such as  imprints greater than 1 inches deep.

Helix Mattress Shipping Policy

Helix mattress  use  totally free shipping to any  place within the USA. The service is quick, and contactless.

Can I Get Helix Mattress Financing?

Yes. Helix mattress  utilize the trusted  funding partner, Klana for their  funding  alternatives. You can get Helix  bed mattress financing as low as 0%.

Can I Return a Helix Mattress If I am Not Happy?

Helix  bed mattress  provide a generous 100 night sleep trial,  run the risk of  complimentary.  Just  offer them a call within the 100 day period if you don’t like your mattress for any  factor.  They‘ll come out to you to pick up the mattress and  concern you with a refund.

How long does Helix mattresses need to inflate/expand?

 Is there a Helix mattress off-gassing  procedure? 

Helix mattresses are  offered online and delivered as beds-in-boxes. They come compressed, rolled, and wrapped in plastic.

 When you open up  package, place the mattress on the bed frame or  structure, and unwrap the plastic, the  bed mattress takes  around 30 to 45 minutes to  totally  pump up. After that, the  bed mattress is  prepared to  utilize.

Do Helix  bed mattress smell?

Helix mattresses may  provide a faint  smell when  initially unrolled. | When  initially unrolled, helix mattresses may  offer out a faint odor. }   Nevertheless, the  aroma is not  most likely  remain for long, though.  Helix  bed mattress are  accredited by the Environmental Working Group and Oeko-Tex, both of which certify products that  do not contain  hazardous chemicals.

Helix also meet the strictest  requirements set by CertiPUR-US, which  licenses products that  release no volatile  natural compounds (VOCs), such as those found in  scents.

Any  odor from off-gassing is usually  pursued about 24 hours of opening your mattress.

Do You Need a Box Spring For Helix Mattress?

No. Helix  bed mattress do not  require a box spring.  However, Helix does recommend that  consumers use some  sort of foundation. 

Where Are Helix Mattresses Made?

All Helix mattresses are made within the USA.



Helix Mattress Final Thoughts

Helix are an  developed,  trusted  business that use only high-quality  bed mattress  products.

Specialising in hybrid mattresses, Helix combine memory foam with a steel coil unit to  cause advanced  convenience,  assistance and  toughness.

 To learn more, or to  buy a Helix mattress you can  go to the  main Helix mattress  site here. Best Helix Mattress For Back Pain


Last Updated on March 17, 2020

a man in bed with back painExperiencing neck and back pain is a really undesirable experience. It can affect the general quality of your life and even your sleep. When we do not get excellent sleep it can boost the pain in our back causing us to feel irritable and even affect our healing rate. Best Helix Mattress For Back Pain

Then getting a great night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do to help your recovery, if you’re suffering from back pain.

If you wish to find the best mattress for you, then this short article will provide you an excellent insight into the type of mattress that might fit you finest.

The information in this short article has been compiled through our own extensive research of various mattress brands that are also kept in mind in some method to be helpful for back pain and or pressure relief.

While we have actually taken our time to do our research, and have also gotten in touch with a few of the listed brand names to find out more relating to back pain support, you ought to likewise make the effort to investigate the best service for your specific condition.

It is also an excellent idea to speak with a mattress advisor from your selected brand name prior to making your purchase. Typically, you can do this through live chat on the business website. We have actually noted each of our suggested companies sites for you in this short article.

This post does not in any way serve as medical suggestions. We suggest you consult your medical professional regarding your back pain and let them understand you are thinking about changing your mattress. Always follow the guidance of your medical professional or personal health care consultant if in doubt.

Best Helix Mattress For Back Pain

In this article

Then there are a couple of crucial things you need to consider, if you’re buying with back pain in mind. Obviously, you wish to make certain you are buying a trusted brand. Nevertheless, it is likewise very essential to buy a mattress depending upon your weight, sleeping position, and the location of your pain in the back.

Does The Incorrect Mattress Cause Back pain?

Yes, if you have the wrong mattress for your weight and sleeping position then it can in some cases cause or contribute to neck and back pain.

This more than likely takes place if your mattress is too soft and, as a result, starts to droop in the middle. This can also happen in an old mattress that requires replacing.

If the mattress is sagging then, it can misshape your spinal column and give you pain, or make existing neck and back pain much even worse.

What Mattress Firmness Level Is Advised For Pain in the back?

This is a great question. Some people believe that if they have neck and back pain then they require a soft mattress for additional cushioning, while others think they need to buy a difficult mattress for additional support.

If the mattress is too soft then it will likely not provide adequate support for the spinal column. If it is too tough, on the other hand, then the mattress will not be able to hold the natural curvature of the spinal column.

According to WebMD, if you remain in doubt then choose a medium-firm mattress. They reported that a study involving 2 groups of back pain sufferers were monitored over a 90 day period. One group was given a medium-firm mattress while the other group a firm mattress.

After the 90 days, the people in the medium-firm group reported the least amount of pain.

If in doubt, a medium-firm mattress will likely be your best bet. All excellent mattress brands offer a generous sleep trial so you can have plenty of time to check out your mattress. Then they’ll exchange it for a brand-new one, if it’s not best for you.

What Products Are Best For Back Pain?

The product and, obviously, the develop quality of the mattress can frequently make a big distinction to neck and back pain.
Naturally, you will likely wish to keep a close eye on your spending plan when buying a new mattress. However, when it comes to back pain, it is recommended not to go too inexpensive or the mattress may simply not be excellent enough for your requirements.

Having stated that, it’s most likely not needed to purchase the most costly mattress you can find.

Costly does not constantly equivalent better! What’s more crucial is that you find the best mattress for your particular requirements.

If budget is a priority for you, then we have actually listed 3 choices for you in the budget plan area of this short article.
Relating to mattress products, for general neck and back pain including the lower back and hip pain, some sources mention that mattresses made from high-quality latex are the best.

Memory foam mattresses are also often recommended for pain in the back and can provide a good level of support and convenience.

Pocket-sprung mattresses are not concerned to be as great as a latex or foam mattress for neck and back pain.

Our Recommended Latex Mattress – Idle Sleep Latex

Idle Sleep mattressOur top-rated top quality latex mattress is the Idle Sleep Latex mattress.

Then you also get a choice of Dunlop latex or the more costly Talalay latex, if you choose to purchase the Idle Sleep Latex mattress.

The Idle Sleep Latex mattress comes in 2 firmness levels: medium and luxury firm.

The medium firmness level is 6-6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The luxury firm is classified as 8.5-9 out of 10, which if quite a firm mattress.

If you are experiencing back pain then, most of the times, you will likely do much better choosing the medium firmness Idle Sleep Latex mattress.

All Idle Sleep mattresses are also compatible with adjustable bed frames. Which you can see here if you in need of an adjustable base for your mattress then Idle Sleep presently have an excellent offer.

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Our Recommended Foam Mattress – Puffy

the layers of a Puffy mattressIf you would choose a foam mattress then our top choice for pain in the back is the Puffy Mattress.

The Puffy is made from a number of layers of top quality foam and provides a medium firmness level. These mattresses are likewise developed to supply remarkable pressure relief.

The Puffy mattress has a low-density memory foam layer, which makes the sleep surface area additional comfy.
If you are a lightweight sleeper, combination or side sleeper then the Puffy mattress will likely be a terrific option for you.

If you are a heavier individual, then you may do better with the Idle Sleep Latex mattress, above, or the Haven Premier mattress, listed below.

If you sleep on your stomach then take a look at the Amerisleep AS2 mattress, also listed below.

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Best For Lighter Weighted Individuals With Pain In The Back– Layla

The layers of the Layla mattressThen a mattress that is made for a much heavier person will not be excellent for you, if you’re a lighter weighted individual. It is essential to get a mattress that is right for your weight. This is especially real if you are likewise struggling with pain in the back.

Typically speaking, most lighter weighted individuals prefer mattresses that are medium-soft. Foam mattresses can usually feel too tough and result in an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

If you’re a light-weight sleeper then here in our mattress for back pain review, we have found an excellent service for you.

The Layla mattress is a flippable mattress with two degrees of firmness. One side has been crafted to be soft, while the opposite is medium-firm.

The softer side is built of a three-inch convenience layer and is fantastic if you sleep on your side or back. This softer side steps at a 4 out of 10, which makes it a medium-soft sided mattress.

While the firmer side has a one-inch convenience layer and is usually good for those who sleep on their stomach, if you’re currently suffering from neck and back pain then this firmer side might offer you with much better support. This side procedures around 7-8 out of 10 on the firmness scale, making it medium-firm.

One of the fantastic aspects of selecting a Layla mattress if you’re a light weighted individual is that when your neck and back pain has gone you can attempt flipping over to the softer side to see if that’s much better for you.

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Best For Big People With Back Pain – Haven Premier Mattress

The Haven mattress on a bedBack sleepers typically do best with a mattress that is on the upper end of medium-firm, and typically in the 7-8 firmness range.

If you’re a back sleeper, mattresses that provide an even surface area with whole-body support are what you need to go for.

Then this is especially crucial and you will likewise desire to choose a mattress that preserves correct spine positioning and is not susceptible to drooping, if you have back pain.

For back sleepers with back pain, we suggest selecting the Haven Premier mattress.

These mattresses are made from 5 layers of top quality foam with a remarkable 450GSM (Grams per Square Meter).

GSM is a measurement of density and convenience. The greater the GSM of your mattress, the more helpful and comfortable you must find your mattress.

Many other brands have a max of 400GSM. Haven goes all the method to 450.

The Haven Premier is ideal for back sleepers and those who choose a firmer mattress. It can offer you extra support.

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Best For Side and Combination Sleepers With Pain In The Back– Puffy Mattress

the Puffy boxAs I briefly pointed out above, the Puffy is a good mattress for side sleepers. It is also a versatile mattress so combination sleepers often do well with this mattress too.

Side Sleepers

Usually speaking, softer mattresses are usually advised for people who sleep on their side. If you are suffering from back pain then you may benefit from some extra support.

In this case, you might do much better with a medium or medium-firm mattress, and in specific, one that is made from memory foam.

From our research study, the Puffy mattress shows to be good for side sleepers with pain in the back. Puffy mattresses are constructed with a number of layers of different foams, each of which has special densities and features.

This combination produces a highly helpful mattress but with a great degree of softness to make it exceedingly comfy.

Puffy’s distinct structure is outstanding for keeping appropriate spine positioning as you sleep and, therefore, decreasing back pain.

Combination Sleepers

Then you’re an individual who sleeps in more than one position throughout the night, if you are a combination sleeper.
Combo sleepers must pick a mattress that allows for excess motion in the bed. Usually, top quality memory foam mattresses with motion insolation are best.

Due to the numerous sleeping position requirements, combination sleepers normally do much better with a medium-firm mattress.

If back pain exists then it is particularly important not to choose a mattress that is too soft.

We especially like the Puffy mattress for side and combinations sleepers because it likewise offers a great level of pressure relief throughout the whole body and likewise supports the head, neck, legs, hips, and shoulders.

An additional benefit of picking the Puffy mattress is its distinct CoolingCloud and ClimateComfort technology.
These functions help to keep a good amount of air flow through the mattress and prevent you from overheating in the night.

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Finest Mattress For Stomach Sleepers With Pain In The Back – Amerisleep AS2

The AS2 Amerisleep mattressThen you will most likely benefit from a medium-firm foam mattress, if you are a stomach sleeper with back pain.

Rated by Business Insider as the very best mattress for back pain, the AS2 Amerisleep mattress has actually been created to enable the healthy alignment of your spine as you sleep.

It is an excellent mattress for both stomach and back sleepers.

The Bio-Pur ® comfort layer changes itself to the shape of your body and alleviates pain throughout your pressure points.

What’s distinct about this feature is that it likewise has a fast bounce-back, which indicates you will not feel stuck in one position when you move around in the bed.

The Bio-Pur ® foam is likewise created with open cells to allow more air to get away and keep you cool throughout the night.

While the AS2 offers great support for general back pain, if you are experiencing a herniated disc then our research study shows that the AS3 might be a much better option for you.

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Best For Back Sleepers With Back Pain – Zoma

The Zoma mattress boxSleeping on your back can cause its own problems if you’re experiencing pain in the back.

Many back sleepers do best with a medium-firm mattress. This its due to the fact that if the mattress is too tough then it will apply pressure on your spinal column and not support the natural curvature of your lower back.

If you pick a mattress that is too soft then it can cause you to sink into the mattress at the hip location and place additional pressure on your lower back.

If you’re currently suffering from pain in the back and you sleep on your at that time you might likewise find additional comfort by positioning a pillow under your knees to take off any extra pressure that is being applied to your lower back location.
You would likewise likely gain from a flatter pillow as to not develop unneeded lift in your head and neck, which, in turn, can put more pressure on your spinal column.

The Zoma mattress is specifically developed for professional athletes and busy people who put additional needs on their bodies.

The layers in the Zoma mattress aid you to sleep deeply, offer exceptional support, and assisted recovery from muscular aches and pains.

These mattresses supply terrific support with targeted firmness to offer additional abutment in the areas where you need it most.

The top layer of the mattress is 2 inches of extraordinary convenience and is a softer layer to provide direct pressure relief on the aching locations that make contact with the mattress.

The Zoma mattress is made from gel memory foam that contours your body. The gel in this layer allows you to remain cool throughout the night while the foam supplies pressure relief. This leading layer also houses Zoma’s unique Triangulex �”� product.

This is the triangular-shaped areas that are placed around the legs and shoulders part of the mattress to provide extra comfort.

The 2nd layer of the mattress consists of a foam called Reactiv �”�. This layer functions in a similar way to latex and promotes the healing of aching muscles.

The 3rd layer is the foundation of the mattress. It is 7 inches of Support+ foam product and supplies the general structure of the mattress.

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Best Budget Plan Mattress For Back Pain – Sweetnight

While investigating mattresses for pain in the back we also understood that some folks are likewise searching for a lower-priced option to a few of the other brands discussed in this short article.

After looking at a couple of different brands, we came across a company called Sweetnight.

They offer 5 various kinds of mattresses. Nevertheless, what captured our eye is that 3 of their mattresses are marketed as being good for pain in the back.

All 3 mattresses are made from gel-infused memory foam and constructed with motion isolation.

These Sweetnight mattress models are:

  • Sunkiss
  • Breeze
  • Twilight

Sweetnight Sunkiss

The Sweetnight Sunkiss mattress with two pillowsSunkiss is Sweetnight’s most popular memory foam mattress and also has a gel-infused layer to assist keep you cool during the night. The Sunkiss mattress does not stay as cool as the Breeze or Twilight model.

What we particularly like about this mattress is that it is flippable with different firmness levels on each side.

The softer side measures at 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, whereas the firmer side is 7.5, which would be at the lower end of medium-firm.

This mattress may be good for lighter-weighted people, however it is not recommended for people weighing more than 230 pounds.

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Sweetnight Breeze

The Sweetnight Breeze mattressThe Sweetnight Breeze mattress, likewise marketed as a good mattress for body pressure and pain in the back relief, is the coolest of the Sweetnight range.

If you’re a hot sleeper or if you struggle to get an excellent night in the summer season then the Breeze might be a better option for you.

The gel-infused memory foam layers, the Breeze is likewise developed with high-density foam to support you throughout the night.

The Breeze procedures at a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale and is said to also benefit heavier people. This mattress is not flippable.

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Sweetnight Twilight

The Sweetnight Twilight hybrid mattressThe Twilight design is Sweetnight’s hybrid mattress.

Although it is a little more costly than the Sunkiss and the Breeze, it is still exceptionally economical for a hybrid mattress.

The Twilight is constructed with an additional soft cotton luxurious layer for additional comfort.
Like the other 2 designs, the Twilight likewise has gel-infused memory foam and is well ventilated to keep you cool in the evening.

When it comes to firmness, the Twilight is a 6.5 on the firmness scale. This mattress is not flippable.

All Sweetnight mattresses featured a 100-day sleep trial, 10-year warranty, and free shipment anywhere in the USA.

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Final Ideas

If you’re experiencing back pain then it may be time to upgrade your mattress.

Considering that your option of mattress will mostly depend on your weight, sleeping position, the place of your neck and back pain, and, obviously, your budget plan, there is a fair bit to consider.

Take your time to evaluate the above brand names and take a look at the product specifications of the mattresses you are interested in. Best Helix Mattress For Back Pain

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

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