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Our Featured Mattress Brands

Puffy Mattress

the layers of a Puffy mattressThe Puffy brand has three types of mattresses to choose from. The Puffy Mattress gives a medium-firmness across the whole body and provides exceptional support and relief from pressure.

The mattresses are made from high-quality foam and give outstanding support for the spinal column. Side sleepers, in particular, love this brand of mattress.

Idle Sleep Mattress

Idle Sleep mattressThe Idle Sleep mattress line provides a nice variety of mattress types, including an all-foam, hybrid, and airbed mattress. Idle Sleep mattresses are flippable and come in two degrees of firmness.

One thing we particularly like about this brand is that they have a longer life expectancy compared to most other brands due to their flippable nature.

Molecule Mattress

the corner of a mattressThe Molecule mattress is designed to give superior support to athletes and aid recovery. There are two types of mattress to choose from. Molecule 1 and Molecule 2.

Molecule 1 is made of memory foam and is a medium-soft mattress. The closeness of the mattress allows to reduce pressure throughout the body. Molecule 2 has five zones for enhanced support across the shoulders, back and hips.

Keetsa Mattress

A hand on a Keetsa MattressThe Keetsa mattress brand is well known for its environmentally friendly covers that are made out of hemp and cotton material.

The Keetsa memory foam mattresses are made from plush BioFoam and give superior comfort to the body while your sleep.

Top Mattresses For Back Pain

man with back painIf you’re currently suffering with back pain then it may be time to change your mattress. Having the right mattress for you can help to support your back and improve the quality of your sleep.

Check out our top rated mattress brands to help support back pain.

Top Brands Reviewed

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